Aerolatte Brand Story Via H.I.C.

Aerolatte Brand Story Via H.I.C.

Like so many wonderful things, the Aerolatte brand was created with a passion for great coffee and frothy milk drinks. Back in 1999, with a shared desire to prepare a professional quality cappuccino, caffe latte, hot chocolate and more, right in their own homes, founders Alan Green and Gary Lane set out to create the perfect tool that would transform the way we all enjoy these beverages at home. From that passion, the Aerolatte ‘original steam-free milk frother’ was born.

milk frother

This simple-to-use, battery-operated mini whisk transformed the process of preparing frothy drinks at home, allowing home brewers to finally create their own professional quality coffee beverages to perfection, without fancy, expensive equipment.


But Alan and Gary weren’t finished yet. Instead, they continued to ask themselves, “How can we make coffee at home even better? What better way to punctuate your day than with a Barista-worthy coffee, without having to leave the house?”

They continued their quest to make home coffee prep easy and enjoyable for anyone. “We want you to know we will do the science and geeky bits so that you don’t have to,” explains Gary. So, they leveraged their techy knowledge with their coffee knowledge to design and create a full range of innovative Aerolatte coffee makers, French presses, drip brewers, milk frothers and accessories.

What’s great is that every Aerolatte coffee product offers a contemporary take on a traditional item and is designed to improve, solve, and make for a more enjoyable coffee experience at home.

The Aerolatte original steam-free milk frother was just the first chapter in their story. Their innovative take on home drink prep led to the expansion of their offerings to include everything you need to prepare, brew, froth and drink your favorite coffees at home. Their mantra to “Let them do the science and geeky bits, so you don’t have to’, has resulted in Aerolatte being sold globally, with have loyal fans all over the world.

Today, the popular Aerolatte brand includes the original frother, which now comes in a variety of styles and colors, as well as the Matcha Tea and Milk Frother

aerolatte frother in stand

For those who desire greater quantities of hot frothy milk, the Grande Hot Frother Jug.

aerolatte frother with travel case

lets you warm or froth up to 4 cups of milk. The set includes the Milk Frother Jug, and the Aerolatte original spiral whisk attachment to froth milk. For those who love the classic press pot, Aerolatte introduced the French Press in 3-, 5-, and 8-cup versions. Also available are Cappuccino Art Stencils.

coffee being poured from french press

  the Shaker/Dredger for a light dusting of spice onto your cappuccino; a Ceramic Coffee Filter Cone

Storage Clip and Scoop a coffee scoop and bag clip; and for those on-the-go moments, the French Press to Go Portable Travel Mug. 

The Aerolatte brand also features the 12-ounce Drip Coffee Brewer with Microfilter for pour over perfection, in addition to a variety of replacement parts.

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