Styling with Coastal Decor Via CTW Home Collection

Styling with Coastal Decor Via CTW Home Collection

Organic color schemes of rich blues and fresh whites encapsulate the vast depth of style that is featured with coastal décor and the ocean itself. A true natural wonder, the ocean, is a perfect inspiration for a serene space. Whether seafarer or landlubber, nautical décor can be for anyone. Capture all your current and potential customers with the love of the sea through several diverse types of coastal décor.

Coastal Cottage

Bring cozy elements from the coast with neutral colors of white, beige, and pale blue. Accent with natural fabrics, driftwood, and whitewash to create a welcoming space.

Tropical Bungalow

Integrate a touch of the tropics with brighter blues and subtle pops of color. Center your focus on teakwood, palms, and flamingos to create a vibrant space.

Caribbean Villa

Highlight warm, sunbaked, and bright pops of color to create the temperate feel of the Caribbean coast. Display terra cotta, rattan, and tropical plants to create an island atmosphere.

— CTW Home Collection

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